The farm is our home.

It’s where we live, make memories, and care for our horses as a family.

Santa Claus Quarter Horses is uniquely positioned on 100+ acres in the rolling hills of Southern Indiana.

sun-risingOur barns and arena are within walking distance of our home.  Because we live on the farm, all of the horses and the facility are checked on daily. The horses give our family the opportunity to spend time together on a daily basis. Evenings are spent at the barn and most weekends are spent at horse shows, with our extended “horse show family.”

The rolling hills provide a natural and perfect setup for our horses. Once the mares have foaled, they are turned out in the lush, green pastures on the east side of the farm.  The yearlings and 2-year-olds have a barn on the north side of the farm designated for them, with smaller turn-out pastures close for them to enjoy.  Once the horses are started under saddle, they are moved to the “show barn”.  The majority of the turn-out pastures offer three-sided sheds for the horses to run in for shelter, should the weather ever become an issue.  Santa Claus Quarter Horses also has a 230’ x 100’ enclosed arena.

Indoor Arena Available for Riding

Our indoor arena is available for barrel/pole horses on Tuesday and Thursday nights, 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm CST. The cost is $10 per horse. Please contact us for more information.